Innovative technologies. No Fear Dentistry
  • Innovative technologies. No Fear Dentistry

    A visit to a dentist can send shiver up and down the spine of many adults to say nothing of children. Fear and the need to endure violent pain make this visit problematic. Unfortunately, the teeth will not go healthy of their own good will – this problem needs a solution. Oxygen sedimentation with nitrous oxide has become one of possible solutions.

    Sedation with nitrous oxide is not a breakthrough in medicine. Back in 1772, Joseph Priestley, an English scientist and philosopher, synthesized nitrous oxide, but his discovery did not enjoy wild popularity. Only in 1948, nitrous oxide began to be actively used in dentistry, and nowadays it is used in 80% of cases of pediatric dental treatments. Before the treatment procedure, the patient puts on a mask and takes a few breaths of mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen with a pleasant sweetish smell. After that, the patient experiences a feeling of relaxation and calmness, and the doctor can start the treatment. The treatment is efficient, quick and leaves positive memories. During the treatment, the patient is fully conscious, retains all natural reflexes, breathes normally and can even communicate with the doctor. It feels like on a good summer day just after a rain when the level of nitrogen in the air rises and breathing in we experience a feeling of joy and mild relaxation. Please, note that air contains 78% of nitrogen, 21% of oxygen, and 1% of other gases.

    The effect of the laughing gas passes as quickly as it comes. In some minutes the gas will escape from the lungs. As this gas does not bind with the protein in the blood, it is safe and non-addictive, your blood pressure and heart rate remain normal. This procedure is safe for children of any age as the soothing gas does not develop addiction. The use of nitrous oxide alleviates the treatment process both to the child and the dentist. Children develop a positive attitude to dental care. Accurate treatment planning is a most important stage. This provides clear timescales, quality and, most importantly, predictability of results. Before the nitrous oxide sedation, the patient will undergo a full-fledged diagnostics to ensure maximum comfort during the dental treatment. With a child patient it is important to remember that the successful use of nitrous oxide is possible only when the child’s behavior is managed skillfully. In the form of a game, the doctor tries on a mask and explains to the child what will happen to him / her. It is important to get the child's voluntary consent to try on this mask which is the first step to the future success.

    Our mutual cooperation will successfully develop a culture of dental health and care in your child, and children's dentists will have a better opportunity to provide the most effective treatment of highest quality. In Dental Studio “Smile” patients always feel comfortable