• АКЦИЯ!


    Дорогие друзья! Ловите скидку!!! Для детей до 14 лет установка брекет-системы по АКЦИОННОЙ цене - 10 000 грн! Консультация бесплатна :) Ждм Вас!

  • Открыта вакансия!

    Открыта вакансия!

    Приглашаем на работу!

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  • Innovative technologies. No Fear Dentistry

    Innovative technologies. No Fear Dentistry

    For everyone of us, comfort is the fundamental element in life: from the sleeping position and the kind of oatmeal for breakfast to choosing a partner. Comfort for the body, comfort for the soul. Some create comfortable conditions, some find them. Still, there are situations when, like it or not, you cannot avoid discomfort. One of them is a toothache which can be excruciating.

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  • Making a Sure Step into the Digital Future

    Making a Sure Step into the Digital Future

    Oral cavity scanning, programs for digital smile design and treatment results, printing and milling of designed objects are not the elements of a distant future, but a real opportunity provided for you today.

    We are one of the first clinics in Ukraine that purchased an intraoral scanner from a famous Danish company 3Shape. This is the pinnacle of world digital dental equipment. It can provide you, our patients, with an opportunity to get a clear and verified treatment plan, its visualization, as well as an opportunity to work with the best specialists who will make this plan come true.

    The intraoral scanner 3Shape TRIOS quickly scans the entire jaw in realistic colors. There is no need to use a separate intraoral camera, alginate and silicone imprints. The scanner will create a 3D image that will show the real situation in the oral cavity.

    Do not hesitate to experience the future today!