A thorough examination is the main component of an accurate diagnosis, and a correct diagnosis allows developing a qualified treatment plan. A well-developed treatment plan is the key to a successful treatment and durable construction. For this particular reason making a diagnosis is of utmost importance in our clinic. Diagnostics components are:

- Intraoral and portrait photos are a series of photographs that are immediately taken on an initial consultation;

- Diagnostic models are gypsum models plastered in an articulator, a unit that allows reproducing the patient’s lower jaw movements in relation to the upper one. With these models, the dentist and dental prosthetist identify occlusion disturbance, hypercontact points etc.;

- Computer tomography is a three-dimensional scanning of the dentition; it is used in implantation planning, endodontic retreatment, in challenging situations when more complex examination is required;

- Digital Smile Design (DSD), an innovative non-invasive technique, helps create a smile that from the very first stages of examination and planning meets all the aesthetic and functional wishes of the patient. Digital smile simulation gives an opportunity to see the results even before the treatment begins. Digital Smile Design (DSD) allows the patient to actively participate in the creation of their own smile and gives an opportunity to see the final result in a digital photo.