Aesthetic dentistry

Snow-white smiles are quick and easy!

Who has not dreamt of beautiful snow-white teeth? People often resort to traditional methods or supermarket systems of teeth whitening what they often have to pay for with their teeth health. To avoid dental complaints after unsuccessful whitening at home, it is better to do this procedure together with specialists.

Dental cleaning is an obligatory preliminary procedure. Everyone needs it every six months to remove the supra- and subgingival dental deposits and plaque from the teeth surface. As a result of cleaning, the natural dental color is restored.

In the clinic the whitening procedure takes about an hour. Dental Studio “Smile” uses Zoom-3 system from a world-famous Philips corporation for tooth whitening. Currently Zoom is one of the most effective and reliable tooth whitening systems. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, this system both whitens gently and guarantees a great long-term effect.

Valentin Voloshchuk, dentist at Dental Studio “Smile”, tells about the teeth whitening procedure in detail:

– Whitening is a non-medical procedure, it is an aesthetic one. Modern whitening is as gentle as possible. First of all, we isolate the soft tissues of the oral cavity – gums, cheeks, lips – from the exposure of the whitening gel. Throughout the procedure we monitor the patient’s condition and tooth sensitivity. In 95% of cases, whitening is well tolerated. After it, we provide the patients with the mouthguards and gel to relieve the sensation and strengthen the tooth enamel. It is recommended that on this day you sleep in the mouthguards with gel on. We always warn that the tooth sensitivity can increase after whitening.

There are some contraindications to tooth whitening such as pregnancy, hypersensitivity of teeth, defects of hard tissues like chipped or cracked teeth, low-quality fillings, and caries. Whitening does not affect the crowns and feelings. Agreeing it with patients, after the procedure the feelings can be changed to match the new teeth color. The effect of whitening is retained for two to three years, provided timely dental checkups and reduction of coloring products in the diet such as coffee, black tea, red wine, and beetroot dishes. By the way, herbal decoctions also discolor your teeth and stimulate plaque accumulation.

The degree of tooth whitening depends on their original natural color which is very individual. But an individual approach to every patient and maximum effect are guaranteed.