How to get a Hollywood smile?

Who has not envied American actors? Their flawless dazzling white smiles are a symbol of success and the dream for many. But not everyone is endowed with beautiful teeth, actors included. In 1928, Charles Pincus, a Californian dentist, figured out how to make a perfect smile when filming Hollywood actors close-up.

With the help of the powder used for the dental prosthetics, he attached ceramic plates to the visible part of the teeth, which began to be called veneers (literally “shell” in Latin). Veneers were affixed only for a short period of film shooting, as due to technology imperfection they did not keep on teeth well. But they fulfilled their mission: after the Pinkus’s invention, the concept of “Hollywood smile” caught on.

The Hollywood smile stepped from the shooting pavilions into the everyday life; the era of aesthetic dentistry began. Today, with modern fixing cements, materials and protocols the ceramic veneers will averagely serve you about 10 years.

The transparent ceramic makes it possible to achieve a very natural look of the restored teeth. This is the reason for the growing popularity of veneers. Having them, you can stop worrying about the tooth discoloration caused by coffee, tea or wine, as their material is resistant to stains and plaque.

Its low invasiveness should be stressed. Porcelain veneers do not require large-scale treatment of dentin and its color can be chosen in such a way that naturally dark teeth look lighter.

Vyacheslav Semkin, orthopedist at Dental Studio “Smile”, tells us about the benefits of veneers and the placement procedure:

– Veneers are used in aesthetic dentistry to correct the shape and color of teeth, as well as to close interdental spaces and restore functional movements. This is one of the gentlest methods of treatment. The doctor is interested in preserving as much healthy enamel as possible as the glued veneer will be more reliable and lasting. To reach it we run a preliminary diagnostics on gypsum models and construct a new form of teeth from wax. This is the guideline for us, due to which the excessive removal of healthy tissues is prevented. In some cases, we do not even use the drill and it makes our patients happy.

Before making a joint decision we create a computerized model of the future smile. In the picture, the patients can see the changes that will happen to them, so the result of treatment is always expected, because we can see it before the procedure.

Agreeing on all the aspects, we begin to work. The patient never leaves our studio without a temporary construction: we make an exact future copy, but from temporary materials. This gives us an opportunity to check not only the aesthetic result of the work, but also the chewing function, diction and articulation. It takes the dental laboratory 10 working days to produce veneers using newest scanners, press and other modern equipment. Pressing is done at a high temperature, over 920° C, ascertaining high material strength. As a result, the veneer can be only 0.2-0.3 mm thick.

We pay a lot of attention to the fixation procedure. In our clinic we use materials of Ivoclar Vivadent (Liechtenstein) that is the leader in manufacturing and developing materials for ceramic restoration. The main condition for a beautiful Hollywood smile is good individual and professional oral hygiene as well as standard preventive examinations. Your dreams will come true.

We are always glad to see you in our Dental Studio “Smile”.